Quaity of Commercial Office Cleaning Services

A significant percentage of business owners rely upon commercial office cleaning services to keep their venues in a proper condition. These services oftentimes provide daily cleaning, usually in the evening. In some cases, an office cleaning service tends to a business space a couple of days a week or on some other similar schedule.

The reality is that not all commercial Office cleaning Mississauga services are created equally. There is a rather notable disparity between the quality of services provided by one office cleaning company and another. In fact, an office cleaning company loses more than half of its client base annually due to complaints about poor service. The 55 percent business loss rate applied to a consideration of commercial cleaning services in North America and was reported in the New York Times.

Having to terminate and replace a commercial cleaning service is a time consuming and potentially expensive proposition in many cases. There are some strategies a business can employ to lessen the prospect that a cleaning service will need to be terminated.

References and Recommendations Matter

When seeking a commercial cleaner for a business, seeking out references and recommendations is crucial. A reliable, reputable commercial cleaning service should have no problem providing references. A key consideration when examining references is how long a particular enterprise has used the services of a commercial cleaner. If all of the references provided have been affiliated with a cleaner for a relatively short period of time, a red flag must rise. This is the case even if the actual references are all positive on the surface.

Odds are business colleagues engage the services of a commercial cleaner. Seek out these colleagues and find out who they utilize to clean their own locations. Again, keep in mind that longevity is an important consideration when it comes to selecting an office cleaning service.

When talking to business colleagues, seek out the names of any commercial cleaners they may have terminated. You may find some commonality between services terminated by more than one business colleague.

Franchise Versus Independently Owned Operations

A business typically can select between a commercial cleaner that is part of a franchise system or one that is independently owned. There are benefits to either option. Franchise systems tend to have set quality standards, requirements that a franchise owner must meet. On the other hand, an independently owned commercial cleaning service likely is managed more directly by an owner. This type of management tends to heighten the commitment to quality to service.