The Importance Of Hiring A Commercial Office Cleaner

Millions of people are spending a lot of time working with other people in close proximity to others coworkers. This exposes them to a variety of germs and illnesses. Hiring a professional office cleaning company to clean the office is the best way to reduce the amount of time that employees spend sick at home.

The water cooler buttons in the office is considered a source for spreading germs. Most cleaning companies will disinfect all areas of the office including the water coolers. Experts say the keyboard has 70 percent more bacteria than found in the restroom. Cold and flu viruses can last up to 18 hours on hard surfaces in the office.

Moral in the office will be lower if the trash bins are overflowing and the office doesn’t smell clean and fresh. General dirt and grime will not make the office look its best. A positive office image is accomplished with cleanliness and organization. A clean office will also impress clients who may drop by to visit.

How to Choose a Cleaning Company

Look for a office cleaning company that offers a wide variety of services such as waxing the floor and cleaning the windows. A great cleaning company should be flexible in their services. Look for a company that accommodates your level of service and budget. Research several companies online to read reviews from other customers. A good company should have many satisfied customers and positive reviews. Ask several companies if they have references that you can check.

Most cleaning services clean the office after business hours. This ensures they can vacuum, mop and sweep without getting in the way. Standard services include cleaning the bathrooms, kitchens and break areas. They also empty the trash and vacuum carpets. Services outside of mopping, sanitizing, vacuuming and cleaning usually cost more money.

You may be required to sign a long term agreement with the cleaning company. If you are not happy with the terms of the agreement, then let the management staff know the changes you want to make. Most companies want your business and will accommodate your wishes. You can also ask other business owners near your building for cleaning referrals. Look for a cleaning company that offers a trial period where you are not obligated to them if you are not happy. Ask the company if they are bonded and insured for your protection.

A clean and fresh office is the best way to ensure employees do not pass illnesses around and cause a lot of people to miss work. It will also impress your clients when they come to visit. Choose the right cleaning company that fits in with your expectations for a great business relationship.

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