Viewing Office Cleaning as an Investment

Business owners and managers often come to view office cleaning as a necessary cost of running a business. In reality, office cleaning provides a number of benefits that more than make up for the cost incurred. Here are a few reasons why office cleaning is best viewed as an investment, not lost money.

Employee Productivity

Research has consistently shown that people work their best when they’re in a clean environment, and this applies to office workers as well. Keeping your office clean and free of clutter makes it a welcoming environment where employees are happy to start their days. While it’s difficult to determine exactly how much this increased productivity improves office morale and other factors, remember that these increases at least partially offset the cost of office cleaning.

Healthy Employees

Sick workers costs businesses an extraordinary amount of money, and anything employers can do to cut back on sick days helps the bottom line. Office cleaning helps eliminate germs that cause diseases, which helps slow the spread of sickness through the office. Cleaning also fights against allergies employees often experience and interpret as colds. Cleaning does even more as disinfecting items reduces the odds of employees developing infections, which can lead to poor productivity and extended times away from work.

Building and Equipment Maintenance

Although we often view cleaning as eliminating dust and germs, cleaning also helps increase the longevity of office furniture and even your building itself. Simply wiping up moisture can reduce the likelihood of parts rusting, and wiping away oil that collects on wood can keep it looking sharp far longer. Dust collecting on windows can eventually lead to scratches if it builds up long enough, and bathroom cleaning can extend the lifespan of components significantly. These factors further reduce the actual cost you spend for cleaning services.

Heating and Cooling

Keeping your office comfortable is essential for keeping employees productive, and heating and cooling equipment is critical. One of the biggest threats to systems is dust and debris; cleaning helps keep these elements out of your equipment. In addition to potentially causing components to fail, dust and debris can partially block the flow of air and make your equipment less efficient. It can be difficult to see small decreases in efficiency on your energy bills, but regular cleaning can have a significant impact over time.

Running a business requires making wise investments, but people sometimes take a somewhat narrow view of what investments truly are. While office cleaning might not often come up when discussing potential investments, business owners and managers should realize just how many ways it can reduce future costs. There are online resources available a Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, which may provide you with more information.

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