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4 Things to Tell the Movers

It may seem like a good idea to keep a professional distance from the movers who will be relocating your possessions from one location to the next. There is no reason to share personal information, but on the other hand, professional moving crew can do a better job when they understand any special concerns or needs you may have. Don’t be afraid to speak up before the big day to keep the crew informed and prepared to do a good job.

1. Provide Entrance Directions

You might think that giving the movers your current address or new location will be adequate for doing their job. But they might not know which entrance to use, whether the front, side, or back door. If there is a broken porch step or unstable hand rail, it is a good idea to let them know in advance to prevent injuries or further breakage. If the entrance is shared with a neighbor, for example, in a two-unit building, let your neighbor know when the moving crew is coming so they can plan to be out of the way, if possible.

2. Explain Specific Property Needs

Parking availability for the moving van and loading area should also be clarified ahead of time. If the van must park on the street, find out if permission is needed from the city transportation department. You may need to block off part of the street in front of your house for the moving crew, so other cars don’t unknowingly park there, leaving no room for the van. Other property needs, such as cautions about the neighbors’ flower beds, shrubs, or gardens should be shared with the moving crew. Although they are sure to be careful anyway, the neighbors may be hyper-vigilant.

3. Describe Special Belongings

You will probably have everything packed and ready to go on moving day. However, if there are last-minute furnishings to take with the van, make a list for the moving crew. The mailbox, yard fixtures like a bird bath, and a garage workbench are not always at the top of a packing list. Other special features that must wait until the last minute or that could get overlooked should be planned for by alerting the movers.

4. Offer Supplemental Information

Offering a backup phone number or two is a good idea. Also, mention extenuating factors that could change the schedule, such as being asked to work a half day by your boss. Be sure the moving company has the name and phone number of an emergency contact person.

Moving is an important experience. Be ready with everything and anything that could facilitate activities that day. It could be useful to visit Hudson Movers for more information.


Six Things to do on Moving Day to Maximize Efficiency

Moving an entire household is a big job. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire appliance movers Calgary to help you to get things done efficiently and safely. Little things you do on move-in day can help you work with your movers to make the job as efficient as possible.

The following are five things to do on moving day to maximize efficiency:

1. Create an inventory and give it to your movers

You know more about all the possessions you have that need to be moved than your mover will. As such, you should compile a list. This will help both you and your mover to gauge your progress throughout the move-in period.

2. Be present or constantly available by phone

Your mover is likely to need to communicate with you on any day that they’re working on relocating your household. It’s best if you can be present while the move-in work is going on to answer questions immediately.

If you cannot be present due to a professional or personal obligation, you should at least have your cell phone constantly handy so that you can answer any questions that come up right away.

3. Focus on some of your largest possessions first

It’s generally best to tackle the biggest tasks first. This means that having your appliance movers relocate bigger items like heavy appliances and large furniture pieces could make it so that work is more convenient and progresses more efficiently.

4. Enlist a lot of helpers if possible

If you have household members, friends, or family who can help with your move, make sure you request that they do so. The more hands you have available to help with the move, the easier the job is going to be.

Also, having your household members or family members present will give you some extra eyes to help oversee the project.

5. Consider getting rid of some things you no longer need or use

The more items you need to move, the bigger the job is going to be. Therefore, you can make things easier for yourself and your mover if you take your move as an opportunity to get rid of some clutter.

If you have items in your home that you no longer need or use, get rid of them rather than moving them.

6. Set a schedule

Because moving can be a big job, it’s good to set a schedule to keep the job as organized as possible. Plan ahead regarding which rooms you want to tackle first to keep work orderly and manage your time carefully.


6 Ways Customized Wooden Wine Boxes Help You Present the Perfect Gift

The look of a gift of wine in custom wine boxes made of wood provides a stunning presentation for any celebration and occasion. Below are six ways you can choose customized wine boxes to offer a more personal touch to your gift giving.

1. Personalize Details for Special Celebrations

Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, retirement and other types of celebrations are the best times to shower friends or family with gifts showing how much you care. A customized wine box packaging allows you to gift the special person or couple with a great beverage packaged with their names, occasion, and special date stamped on the exterior. It’s the perfect collectible to enjoy for years.

2. Create Fun and Unique Holiday Gifts

Give gifts for holidays and special occasions that are different from all the rest. Yours will stand out from the crowd and make everyone feel extra special. You can customize the wine box to match their specific interests and tastes.

3. Add Customized Images or Lettering

Add your desired images to the exterior of custom wine boxes and you’ll end up with the perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries. Place specific business logos on the outside to give an unforgettable gift for new business owners. You can even choose from favorite animals. mountain scenery, or whatever might captivate the one you are gifting.

4. Offer a Vintage Look for Housewarming or “Thank You” Gift

Many people love the look of imitation vintage to store wines or other treasured items. Customized wine boxes can be made to look like boxes from years gone by. Vintage lettering and logos are all it takes to make it the centerpiece for any room decor.

5. Design the Perfect Size Wine Box

When you choose custom wine boxes, you can have the exact size you need and made to your specified dimensions. You can opt for a box that allows for flat display on shelving, upright display on desks, or choose boxes that hold multiple bottles.

6. Add Extra Keepsake Storage

Another advantage to getting customized wine boxes is the ability to add specialty sections to hold other valuable keepsakes in the same box as the gifted wine. It allows you the available space to save pictures, artificial flowers, or other items you’ve saved from special events and celebrations.

Customized wine boxes add a special touch to any gift of wine you plan to give for any occasion.


5 Plumbing Services You Can’t Do Without

When you call out a emergency plumber, it is usually when your drain is clogged or your toilet overflows. These kinds of unpleasant experiences can be avoided if you spot possible plumbing catastrophes from the offset. By using this knowledge, you can stay on top of any plumbing issues before they get out of hand. Below are four plumbing services that make a big difference in how your pipes and drains function.

1. Drain and Sewer Services

Your drain and sewer system must carry waste water away from your home. Therefore, you need to make sure it is working properly. To ensure success in this respect, you need to contact a plumber who provides camera inspections, pipe locations, drain cleaning, or drain repair. Make sure you choose a full-service plumbing company so you can get all your plumbing needs met.

2. Leak Detection

It does not matter if a leak is minor, it can still eventually wreak havoc on your household. Because many of your pipes are concealed, you need to identify leaks through advanced technological systems. A plumbing professional can use a camera and video display to find those hidden and insidious leaks that can lead to flooding in your home.

Leak detection allows a plumbing specialist to pinpoint a variety of water leaks. Because leaks can lead to corrosion over time, the use of technology can save you a great deal on plumbing costs and repairs.

3. Hydro-Power Jetting

Some clogs are best removed by using intense water pressure. That is why a plumbing professional relies on hydro-power jetting equipment to clear clogs from pipes. Some of these obstructions can be caused by rocks, minerals, or tree roots. The jetting equipment not only clears the clog, but thoroughly cleans the pipes so water will run smoothly down your drains and pipes.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Installations

The places where pipes and drains are used the most are the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, homeowners rely on plumbing services to install the best plumbing accessories, such as pipes and fixtures. Not only do today’s fixtures look aesthetically pleasing, they are designed to save energy.

For example, faucets feature sensors to conserve water use and toilets include low-flow capabilities. You can also install shower heads that run almost endlessly while conserving the amount of hot water you use. Not only do you enjoy longer showers, you save money on water and the electricity or gas used to heat it.

5. Water Heater Installations

The water heater in a home is a central plumbing device. When it is not working, you cannot wash and rinse clothes, wash dishes, or take baths or showers. You can choose between traditional and tankless water heaters, depending on the size of your household.

A tankless water heater is recommended in smaller households, and it only heats the water as it is used. No water is stored, thus, the tankless feature. You can learn more about the benefits of water heaters with and without tanks by consulting with a plumbing professional. New innovations in water heaters make it easier to conserve your hot water supply today.


Four Tips to Prepare for Your Next Move

Whether you are moving across the country or within the state, a long distance move can be tiresome and stressful. However, preparation, proper packing and unpacking, and hiring the right movers can make a move simpler and smoother than ever. These are some of the moving preparation tips to make everything less complicated.

1. Pack in a Clear Box

Packing in clear boxes will save yourself time and some hassle when unpacking. Pack everything in a large, clear box so that it becomes easy to dig through small boxes after arriving at your next home. However, the driver should include everything you will require along the way. You might need to pack clothes, snacks, scissors, and a set of non-breakable dishes for use after arriving at a new home. That helps reduce the hassle of finding anything you will need immediately after arriving at your next destination. A clear box or container will let you know items that are inside to reduce the hassle and time of searching for small items.

2. Labeling

Unpacking is the most taxing task during a long distance move. However, proper labeling of boxes can help make it easier and less tiresome. Besides labeling the boxes, remember to include the name of items in them and where you want them to be kept in your new home. Though it may seem tedious and time-consuming to indicate where each item will be kept, it helps reduce the time taken to unpack. You are less likely to remember everything that is inside a box after a long, tiresome move. However, taking a few minutes to label each container or box will go a long way to make your moving experience smooth and pleasant.

3. Get Your Paper Work Done

Organizing all your paperwork is one of the crucial steps before a long distance move. It could involve changing your address form, applying for a new license, and entering into a contract with your movers. Tasks such as changing your address can seem intimidating, but the sooner you get your paperwork done, the better and smoother your move will be. You will also have to renew your DMV before you relocate with your car to a new jurisdiction. It is easier and less costly to fill out all your paperwork than wait to deal with the consequences of not doing so.

4. Prepare Your Car for a Long Distance Move

You might have to note the current condition of your car before moving a long distance. Check whether it has any lights on or mechanical problems and get it fixed before driving off. Even a truck that seems to be mechanically sound should be taken to a garage for a tune-up ahead of a long distance move.

To get more tips on moving, visit Matco