4 Things to Tell the Movers

It may seem like a good idea to keep a professional distance from the movers who will be relocating your possessions from one location to the next. There is no reason to share personal information, but on the other hand, professional moving crew can do a better job when they understand any special concerns or needs you may have. Don’t be afraid to speak up before the big day to keep the crew informed and prepared to do a good job.

1. Provide Entrance Directions

You might think that giving the movers your current address or new location will be adequate for doing their job. But they might not know which entrance to use, whether the front, side, or back door. If there is a broken porch step or unstable hand rail, it is a good idea to let them know in advance to prevent injuries or further breakage. If the entrance is shared with a neighbor, for example, in a two-unit building, let your neighbor know when the moving crew is coming so they can plan to be out of the way, if possible.

2. Explain Specific Property Needs

Parking availability for the moving van and loading area should also be clarified ahead of time. If the van must park on the street, find out if permission is needed from the city transportation department. You may need to block off part of the street in front of your house for the moving crew, so other cars don’t unknowingly park there, leaving no room for the van. Other property needs, such as cautions about the neighbors’ flower beds, shrubs, or gardens should be shared with the moving crew. Although they are sure to be careful anyway, the neighbors may be hyper-vigilant.

3. Describe Special Belongings

You will probably have everything packed and ready to go on moving day. However, if there are last-minute furnishings to take with the van, make a list for the moving crew. The mailbox, yard fixtures like a bird bath, and a garage workbench are not always at the top of a packing list. Other special features that must wait until the last minute or that could get overlooked should be planned for by alerting the movers.

4. Offer Supplemental Information

Offering a backup phone number or two is a good idea. Also, mention extenuating factors that could change the schedule, such as being asked to work a half day by your boss. Be sure the moving company has the name and phone number of an emergency contact person.

Moving is an important experience. Be ready with everything and anything that could facilitate activities that day. It could be useful to visit Hudson Movers for more information.

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